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School Lunch!

What would happen if you walked up to the counter at a fast food establishment and said, "I'd like 150 hamburgers, 350 cheeseburgers, and 500 orders of fries, please." That's similar to what the school's food service staff faces as they plan, prepare, serve, and clean up after feeding over 500 of our students and staff each day.

Food services personnel are committed to ensuring that the needs of children and parents are met and that a quality meal is provided each day. This can mean making special meal accommodations for students with particular dietary needs; adjusting serving schedules to allow a specific group of students to have lunch before they depart on an extracurricular trip or in between special testing sessions; and dealing with emergency power outages that occur just as the chicken nuggets are to go in the oven! While it seems like a monumental task to most of us, it's all in a day's work for the dedicated people who keep our food service program running smoothly 175 days a year.

Menu Prices

K-12 - $1.50
Adult - $2.00
K-5 - $2.50
6-12 - $2.60
Adult - $3.50
Reduced Breakfast/Lunch
Breakfast - $0.30
Lunch - $0.40

Payment Information

Visit to view and manage your cafeteria account balance. You may also pay the cafeteria directly via cash or check.

Cafeteria Staff

Kate Sizemore Food Service Director

Melisa Moore Food Service Manager

Charlotte Baker Food Service Assistant

Kathie Hensley Food Service Assistant

Robin Logue Food Service Assistant

Janet Underwood Food Service Assistant

*All food service staff are SNA Level One Certified.

Contact Us

Burgin Independent's Central Office
140 Danville Rd., P.O. Box B
Burgin, KY 40310

Phone Numbers
Phone: 859-748-4000
Fax: 859-748-4010

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