Important Facts

Grades: Kindergarten-12th
Enrollment: 503 students
School Colors: Red and White
School Mascot: Burgin Bulldogs
Certified Staff: 38
Classified Staff: 30
Preschool: Average of 20 students
Instructor/Student ratio: 11 to 1


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    Burgin's School Code: 10230

  • Records to be Destroyed

    Destruction of Student Special Education and 504 records will occur on October 25, 2016. This will only affect student's records whose birthdays fall between the years of 1988-1992.

    If a former student wants a copy of their records, before they are destroyed, please contact Amy Robbins at 748-5282, ext. 111. If you are directed to voicemail, please leave your name, birth date, and phone number. She will contact you for an appointment to pick up your records, if they exist.

  • Parent Resources

    "One question we've always struggled with is what time we should get our little ones to bed. Go to bed too early, and they goof off, get hyper and never get to sleep. Go to bed too late, and we've got grumpy tired kids who can barely make it through the day" (

    One Wisconsin school has published a chart of suggested bedtimes, based on the age of the child. Check it out at the link below:

    Age-Appropriate Bedtimes Chart

    Find more resources for parents by clicking "Parent Resources", listed under the Quicklinks.

  • 2016-2017 School Calendar

    The 2016-2017 school calendar has been posted! You may access it by clicking the "Calendar" link at the top of the page or by clicking the link below.

    2016-2017 School Calendar


    Parent Night - Monday, July 18th @ 6pm
    Kindercamp - Tuesday & Wednesday, July 19th & 20th @ 8:30-11:30am

    Grades 1st through 9th:
    OPEN HOUSE - Thursday, July 21st @ 6pm

    Grades 10th through 12th, Scheduling Dates:
    Seniors - Monday, July 18 @ 9am-2pm
    Juniors - Tuesday, July 19 @ 9am-2pm
    Sophomores - Wednesday, July 20th @ 9am-2pm

  • WHAS Crusade for Children

    The WHAS Crusade for Children, Inc. established in 1954 by WHAS-TV, raises money for agencies, schools and hospitals to better the lives of special needs children.

    $165 million raised for special needs children

    In its first 62 years, the Crusade has raised more than $165 million. Thanks to generous contributions of goods and services, the Crusade is able to return 100 percent of all donations to organizations that serve special needs children in all 120 Kentucky counties and more than 50 southern Indiana counties.

    To learn more about the WHAS Crusade for Children, visit their website:

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